Embarrassing story time! When I was like 4 to the age of about 11 I use to hump cushions. apparently children do when they start growing up and tuff and start exploring their bodies but anyway, I didn't know that that was a form of masturbation and I went to my Christian grandparents house and they like yelled at me and they told if that if I kept doing that I'd get pregnant and I freaked out and told my parents I was pregnant at like 11 years old and they freaked


at my school with have borders from russia and so they dont know loads of english and one time someone made a joke about cum or somthing and the russian didnt know what it was so he started asking everyone really loudly and no one would tell him, just laugh, so he asked the teacher and she gave him a detention and he still asks people now

That’s terrible OMG haha!

“It’s funny how this little guy means more to me than anything ever could, how over the years he’s been by my side when anyone and everyone else would turn their backs.”



pictures of 2005 fob are great bc chances are uve got patrick lookin hot as hell and joe doing smth weird in the background i love it




happy happy happy